Francesca Bianchi

Francesca Bianchi is the creator of the fragrances of the brand that carries her name. A self-taught perfumer, in 2016 she began to produce perfumes in a completely artisanal way in her laboratory in Amsterdam, and then entrusted the production to a small Italian artisan company. This allowed her to focus more on the search for raw materials but above all on her creative projects. Francesca's brand is not the result of a financial operation, conceived by investors and the marketing department: for her, perfume is a work of art, the result of an intellectual and emotional journey, which is not subject to marketing plans or market research, or to the need of investors to make a profit. This character of genuineness and artistry makes her creations unique and appreciated, which notoriously touch the inner life of people. In fact, Francesca calls her creations 'Liquid Emotions', because the awakening of emotions, of a strongly evocative sensation is her absolute priority. A complex, multifaceted composition, rich in nuances and open to reading characterize her works.
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