STICKY FINGERS, 30ml - Narcisse


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The perfume revolves around patchouli, in a decadent and sumptuous, refined and rock interpretation. In the opening the main notes immediately stand out: an intense, liqueur-like patchouli and leather. In the dry-down it becomes smoother and more complex, thanks to a dirty iris butter that makes the atmosphere softer but intriguing. It is a perfume for Patchouli lovers, revisiting the atmospheres of the 70s, a rock vibe as if we were in the backstage of a concert, with hints of leather and tobacco; surely we are in the sphere of glam-rock, refined and elegant, thanks to the iris butter that softens the patchouli.

Francesca Bianchi

extrait de parfum


Coriander, cinnamon, iris butter, patchouli, sandalwood, heliotrope, musk, beaver, leather, tobacco, tonka bean